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December 2, 2017 — In partnership with Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, Tech Logic completed the installation of a seven-bin Automated Materials Handling system ahead of schedule at the new Madison Public Library. The library selected a Tech Logic UltraSort™ Automated Materials Handling system featuring both internal and external drive-up "throw and go" book drops and ergonomic SmartBins™. Customizations included a small, 7-degree turn to the internal drop, to accommodate an angled wall. A subtle but elegant job of trimming and positioning purpose-built steel fit the planned space perfectly.

Branch manager Sarah Sledge  said, “Ken Fischer & Scott Elwood were very, very helpful. They were very approachable and allowed us to be part of the process in that they explained what it was going to be like and what to expect. They were good at explaining how the different pieces of equipment would work.” Ken Fischer had provided support in choosing the best way to retrofit some needed electrical fittings as well. Because the sorter was installed well before the library's grand opening, staff had the opportunity to be fully trained.

“Ken and Scott were very amenable to the training and they walked us through it very carefully. They were very considerate towards staff questions regarding operation,” Sledge said. “They were exceedingly helpful not only (with) the equipment, but they were very interested in the new library and they shared things they had seen at other locations as well.” Fischer and Elwood talked through the whole process of implementation and what the system would be like for customers at the drive through and internal throw-and-go drops.

Tech Logic senior solutions specialist Tom Loy said, “This project 'checked all of the boxes' for how to deploy a successful Automated Materials Handling system in a new library. It started with library staff collaborating with all other stakeholders (patrons, architects, interior design and construction folks) prior to when the building’s design was finalized. This resulted in an AMH solution that improved the library experience for both patrons and staff. Tech Logic is the most responsible choice a library can make. The Madison Library’s leadership team understands that if all parties work together during all phases of the project, and that includes Tech Logic, their patrons will benefit from the beginning and for many years into the future, as evidenced by Tech Logic’s 20-year-old systems still up and running.”