Sarasota County Opens New Shannon Staub Public/Academic Library with Tech Logic AMH and RFID Workflow Tools
By / November 29, 2017 / Categories: #News #RFID #SCO #Library Openings #AMH

In partnership with Sarasota County Public Library, Tech Logic completed the installation of a nine-bin Automated Materials Handling system at the new Shannon Staub Public Library located on the campus of Suncoast Technical College in North Port, Fl. The library selected a Tech Logic UltraSort™ AMH featuring both internal and external drive-up “throw and go” book drops, ergonomic SmartBins™, and built-in fire suppression as well as a complete suite of RFID workflow tools and CircIT™ self-checkout stations.

Sarabeth Kalajian, director of libraries and historical resources for Sarasota County, said that the birth of this new 23,321 square ft. construction project represents a unique collaboration between Sarasota County, the Sarasota County School District, and the city of North Port. The library will serve both as a public library for the North Port community as well as an academic library for the technical college.

Regarding Tech Logic’s role in the project, Kalajian said, “We want staff to be with the customers….so  to have Tech Logic build that system in from the beginning was very important to us. We want employees to have the time to work more effectively with patrons. The response (from Tech Logic) is immediate…we don’t have downtime. Our customer service relationship is more like a partnership.”

Tom Loy, Tech Logic senior solutions specialist for the project said, “This project was an excellent example of how to maximize RFID with automated materials handling and self-checkout systems in a library. Because this was a new construction project, collaboration with all stakeholders (library staff, architects, interior designers, construction managers and Tech Logic) prior to finalization of the building’s design resulted in a perfect solution. The Sarasota County Library System’s leadership team understands that if all parties work together during all phases of the project, patrons and students will benefit from the outset and for many years into the future. It’s a great example of the type of collaborative planning Tech Logic likes to do with libraries.”