Tech Logic Promotes Steve Hanulec to Director of Marketing
By / July 5, 2017 / Categories: #News

OAKDALE, MN (July 1, 2017) Tech Logic, provider of sorting, self-service and RFID solutions to libraries has appointed Steve Hanulec as Director of Marketing. Steve will be charged with communicating the exceptional value of all of Tech Logic’s solutions, as well as the company’s persona, to the Library Market.

Tech Logic CEO Gary Kirk said, “I am really excited to see Steve bring Tech Logic marketing and branding to a whole new level.” And COO Eric Meyer stated, ”What better heart and mind to show the market the best of Tech-Logic."

Steve Hanulec joined Tech Logic in late 2013 as a Senior Solution Specialist for Northeast North America, all the while maintaining an active voice in marketing development and in some instances developing bespoke materials and presentations.

His experience goes back 12 years in Library Solutions sales and marketing, and 28 years overall including a tenure in Cable Televsion. His degree is in art, with Media Studies as a specialization. Video and other visual tools have always been a part of his presentation and sales style, as has reach for semiotic value.

“Tech Logic is a twenty year old company based in Oakdale Minnesota, is family owned, a U.S. manufacturer, and was founded by a librarian. My goal is to get that goodness that we represent, and our collective love for libraries, front and center,” Hanulec said.