Virginia Beach Public Library / Tidewater Community College
Case Study

Is it possible to maintain two separate ILSs while staff, patrons and students experience it as one? This was the challenge faced by Virginia Beach Public Library as they built a joint-use library with Tidewater Community College — successfully tackled by a custom software program created by Tech Logic.

Virginia Beach’s unique relationship with Tidewater Community College presented a unique problem for our development staff. Six years ago, the two institutions were approached by their governing bodies with a proposal — to build a joint-use library at Tidewater Community College’s Virginia Beach Campus. Staff immediately recognized that they were being asked to do something no other library system had done before — manage the new facility while allowing both library systems to keep their respective ILSs (TCC uses ExLibris and VBPL-Sirsi-Dynix).

The libraries approached Tech Logic for direction on how this problem could be solved and with our assurance that it was possible, they designed and built a spectacular new library!

Tech Logic successfully developed a product that connects the two library management systems so that all staff and patron initiated check-in and checkout transactions are completed in real time, against both systems’ SIP Servers — without staff or patrons knowing that something “special” is happening in the background. We affectionately call this “the connector” and it allows the two library systems to maintain separate ILSs, while staff, patrons and students experience it as a typical, single-ILS library.

Virginia Beach Public Library / Tidewater Community College

R.O.I. at-a-glance

  • Custom software programming capabilities
  • Seamless integration between two library systems
  • Patented Loader/Unloaders for easy transport after sorting
  • Ability to plan for and accommodate high-volume circulation