Tech Logic’s unique, patented Combo Station is designed for patron self-checkout convenience and simplicity. Place Combo Stations on existing circulation desks—the familiar place patrons already head to check out materials. Behind the circulation desk, library staff can easily monitor 3-5 self-checkout sessions at once and quickly step up to assist patrons as needed.

With patron-friendly Combo Stations, many Tech Logic libraries report self-checkout adoption rates as high as 95% of total checkouts.

What is a Combo station? A Combo station is a self-checkout station combined with the ability for staff to guide the self-checkout session for the patron or to resolve issues such as blocks, address checks, messages or overrides. The patron doesn’t need to go to another service desk or stand in lines to be assisted by library staff. The result is a easy, problem-free self-checkout experience and a happier patron.

A Combo Station consists of:

  • CircIT self-checkout software running on a Windows PC
  • Patron-facing touchscreen monitor, RFID antenna (or barcode scanner), and device options to scan library cards, accept payment and print receipts
  •  Staff-facing second monitor and keyboard
  • Software switch allowing staff to guide the checkout session for the patron.

A Combo Station can be configured with:

  1. an RFID antenna
  2. a barcode scanner
  3. EM desensitizer
  4. Personal Payment System to accept payments in cash or credit card.