The Future of Self-Checkout is HERE!



Dual Screen Experience Self-Checkout with social media, web & custom communications options


Remote view and monitoring of Self-Checkout stations status

• EMV/Chip & Pin Enabled

• RFID & Barcode Ready

• Integrated Cash & Coin

New to Self-Checkout? Ask about our patented Staff/Patron Combo Station.

More and more, patrons prefer to take control of the checkout process themselves — freeing up staff to interact with patrons in a more service-minded way. Our cleverly-designed Self-Checkout Kiosks help patrons resolve issues themselves throughout the self-checkout process.

Attractive » Customizable » Self-Contained » Cost Effective

  • Choose from attractive kiosk graphics or create your own graphic
  • Omni-directional barcode scanning
  • RFID tag reader to scan multiple items at once
  • Printed or e-mailed receipts
  • Built-in credit/debit card reader (with future chip-and-PIN card option)
  • Large 21.5” touch screen with patron-friendly instructions
  • Proven CircIT self-checkout software
  • Integration with any SIP2-compliant ILS
  • Painless installation requiring only power and network connections