ValueIT allows donated and weeded books to be sold for market value more easily than ever before.

Libraries and Friends groups often face the daunting task of sorting and monetizing donated books. This new technology, offered only by Tech Logic, not only makes it easier to sort weeded and donated books, it helps libraries to properly price each book, resulting in more money for the library.

Tech Logic’s ValueIT™ system uses camera barcode technology to sort and value books, while allowing the books to be sorted and priced accordingly for sale. Turnkey sales fulfillment provides a no-hassle way to sell books online and benefit your community through the value of these items.

Why not sell your own weeded or donated library materials online? 
Third party sellers are purchasing these materials at far below market value to turn them into significant profits.

Is your library discouraging donated materials from the community?
Third party sellers are soliciting donated books to turn into profit. Why not encourage donations from the community and reinvest sales back into the library?

Are staff or Friends groups overwhelmed with handling weeded or donated materials?
Why not use a data-driven solution to identify high value materials accurately rather than through guesswork?

ValueIT™ is Tech Logic’s exclusive solution for libraries to increase the value of donated or weeded materials. Until now, library staff or volunteers faced a daunting task to price and sell materials to a local audience for what may be significantly less than their fair market value. With ValueIT software an automated sorting system checks each title — up to 1,000 an hour — against the Amazon used book database to separate items with higher online sales value. ValueIT then creates and monitors the library’s Amazon listings to achieve the best price selling these higher value materials to a global online audience.

How does ValueIT work to turn books into revenue?

  • Material is conveyed and scanned with a UPC barcode scanner, then checked against a copy of the Amazon book pricing database to determine its actual value.
  • Approximately 20% of materials scanned will be candidates for online sale with the remaining materials available for local library book sales or disposal.
  • Based on library parameters, high-value books are shipped to Amazon for sale online through an account owned by the library or Friends group.
  • When materials are sold online, Amazon deducts any shipping, handling, or fees and deposits the proceeds directly into the library’s or Friends’ account.

What are the options for ValueIT configuration?

  • ValueIT software is completely configurable for use by library staff in single or multi-branch systems or by their Friends groups.
  • ValueIT supports both library shipment and Amazon shipment (fulfillment) of online orders to buyers.
  • ValueIT equipment can also be configured to operate as check-in for library materials or to operate exclusively with ValueIT inside a library, processing center or a Friends’ retail facility.
  • A ValueIT system may be purchased up front, leased or purchased over time with payment built into a sales commission fee.