Tech Logic’s “People First” philosophy means creating unique technology solutions for libraries that are designed for patron convenience and staff assistance.

Millions of items are handled every day by Tech Logic self-checkout, sorting systems, staff-assisted check-out and check in, shelf management wands, and security systems.

Tech Logic serves only libraries. This focus means understanding exactly what libraries need and delivering easy and convenient solutions.

No other vendor in the industry has more experience delivering this level of customization and support for libraries of all sizes and types.

Tech Logic invented automated materials handling (AMH) systems for libraries in the late 1990’s and boasts an AMH customer base larger than all other AMH vendors combined.

Our unique, patented “hands-free” book drop means customers don’t need to fumble or navigate a software interface just to return materials to the library.

Tech Logic is one of the earliest adopters of RFID technology for libraries—assisting hundreds of libraries with RFID tagging projects for their collections and implementing RFID solutions.

Our uTagIT software can be added to library-owned hardware or as part of a portable tagging station—or let Tech Logic’s tagging experts do the conversion for you.

Tech Logic created the patented CircIT “Combo” patron-friendly self-checkout at the circulation desk for easy staff monitoring and ready assistance as needed.

Use our proven simple and easy-to-use self-checkout software and flexible configurations—delivering up to 95% self-checkout adoption by patrons in Tech Logic customer libraries.

Tech Logic’s UltraSort is custom designed and built for each library’s unique space and needs.

Why settle for a cookie cutter system? Tech Logic knows that each customer library has very specific needs, desires and space considerations—and our engineers work with Solution Specialists to create customized UltraSort systems for your library needs.

Tech Logic’s service network is the largest in the industry.

Our products are built to last with 24/7 support by customer care professionals in our headquarters and with a national network of on-site technicians.

Flexible Service Options.

We offer a variety of service plans options to fit the needs of the library. We will work with you to recommend a service plan option that’s fits within your budget and ensures your system will run smoothly for years to come. Are annual software costs for both AMH and self-check are stable- meaning we don’t increase costs every year like many of our competitors.

Dedicated Training and On-going Support.

With the purchase of every Tech Logic self-check and AMH, our staff will provide onsite training and installation support. That staff member will continue to work with you and develop an intimate knowledge of your system. Our customers have told us that our response times and customer service is unmatched in the industry.