Tech Logic’s history is steeped in helping library patrons and employees, just like yours, interact with more ease, accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. We connect people, products and solutions for a better library experience. Our American-designed and -manufactured products brilliantly save time and money year after year — as the emphasis in your library’s operations will be transformed from process first to people first.

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Checkout Solutions

With self-checkout, one size doesn’t fit all libraries. Choosing the right solution depends on your library’s patrons, staffing and spaces. Tech Logic’s CircIT™ software can be customized to fit the way you choose to implement self-checkout. Your choices pay off with adoption rates of as high as 95% in some Tech Logic customer libraries! 


Automated Handling

Sorting material is more than just a hassle, it causes fatigue, wear and tear on your staff, and costs your organization a lot of time and money. From small systems to large custom installations, Tech Logic offers patented, time-tested products that relieve the back-breaking work of book sorting and handling.