Tech Logic Introduces FLEX Desktop
By / February 23, 2017 / Categories: #FLEX #Self Checkout #desktop #rfid
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Tech Logic Celebrates 20th Anniversary
By / February 17, 2017 / Categories: #press release #amh #ala
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Tech Logic Integrates EM Self-Checkout at the El Paso Public Library
By / April 28, 2016 / Categories: #News #Self Checkout

Tech Logic’s newest installation gave El Paso Public Library a boost — enhancing their ability to serve patrons with powerful CircIT™ powered self-checkout.

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Sarasota County Library Chooses Tech Logic
By / April 19, 2016 / Categories: #News #RFID #AMH #Self Checkout

Tech Logic is proud to announce its partnership with The Gulf Gate Public Library in Sarasota, FL.

This NEW Library features improved amenities such as an enhanced meeting/ study/ conference spaces and a large teen area. Other features include reading gardens, a tech lab with an increased public computer area and a children's story time room.

Technology provided by Tech Logic includes a drive-through for book and media returns, automated sorting, RFID and self-checkout solutions.

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Libraries: 10 Ways to Improve Shelf Management Results
By Gretchen Freeman / March 25, 2016 / Categories: #Shelf management

[Part of a series of posts encouraging libraries to “Expect More” from their technologies and to squeeze all the value they deserve from every technology they implement.]

All too often, public libraries are caught up in thinking that they “should” be doing inventory of their collection but simply can’t afford the time and effort it requires. Let it go! If the goal is to improve your catalog’s accuracy and relieve the frustration of shelf searches for missing items, shift the paradigm instead to shelf management. Shelf management relies on frequent scanning of the collection with a handheld RFID wand wirelessly connected in real time to the ILS (note: the method requires RFID tags in all materials). A single pass of the shelves flags any exception statuses (trace, lost, missing, claimed returned, still checked out, in transit, etc.) while improving the accuracy of your online catalog.

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Self-Checkout—3 Different Options for Different Reasons
By Gretchen Freemen / March 25, 2016 / Categories: #Self Checkout

When libraries decide to deploy self-checkout stations, they don’t always consider combining the options available to create the best patron experience—and highest use. Here are a few considerations to help you determine the best option for your library when choosing staff-monitored, kiosk, or desktop self-checkout for your library.

What blocks will your library use to limit or restrict checkout to patrons?
Is there a maximum fine before checkout is blocked (typically $10)? Are there maximum item limits or item type limits? Can patrons pick up holds for someone else (depends on the ILS)? Think through how the patron at self-checkout will navigate through each block scenario. Offering payment on a kiosk, such as the Tech Logic Flex, will eliminate one of those blocks from interrupting self-checkout.

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Top Ten Favorite Books from 2016 "Black Is" Book List Compiled by Boston Public Library
By Shared from Boston Public Library / February 11, 2016 / Categories:

In honor of Black History month, Boston Public Library publishes an annual “Black Is” book list, an aggregation of recent works by and about African Americans for adult readers.

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Libraries: 10 Ways To Improve AMH Results
By Gretchen Freeman / February 5, 2016 / Categories: #Automated Materials Handling #AMH

Is your Automated Materials Handling system embraced as a valued staff member— one that “doesn’t take breaks or call in sick” — or is it given a wide berth as a temperamental tyrant? The success of an AMH begins with thoughtful design of the system and extends through process re-engineering. Without these two critical considerations, libraries will waste money on an AMH that patrons won’t use with deficiencies that frustrate the staff.

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Libraries: 10 Ways To Improve Self-Checkout Results
By Gretchen Freeman / February 5, 2016 / Categories: #Self Checkout

Certainly self-checkout is no longer a new technology for most libraries — in fact, libraries were on the leading edge of training patrons for self-services in society at large (think grocery stores and airports). But having implemented self-checkout, libraries tend to become complacent about its ongoing return on investment. How can we increase adoption of self-checkout above 90% and what happens when we do? Here are ten suggestions to improve the results of self-checkout.

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Tech Logic Supports The Collaboratory
By Tech Logic / September 10, 2015 / Categories: #News #Library Education #Community Outreach

Tech Logic is proud to support Dr. David Lankes, PhD, author, scholar and speaker, as he expands the scope of his programming for libraries into a comprehensive and expanding set of community building resources through The Collaboratory.

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Tech Logic Supports
By Tech Logic / September 2, 2015 / Categories: #Community Outreach #News

EveryLibrary, a nonprofit social welfare organization chartered to work on local library ballot initiatives, is the first and only national organization dedicated exclusively to political action at a local level to create, renew, and protect public funding for libraries of all types.

Tech Logic is supporting EveryLibrary’s efforts to provide tactical and operational support to local voter awareness campaigns, seed and sustaining monies to local ballot committees and PACs, as well as conducting direct voter advocacy in support of library taxing, bonding, and referendum.

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Tech Logic Looks Forward to Upcoming Trade Show Schedule with a New Look
By Tech Logic / September 1, 2015 / Categories: #Events #News

TL showed off a new look and updated brand — garnering attention from customers at national and state trade show events this year.

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Tech Logic's New Line of All-in-one Kiosks
By Tech Logic / August 5, 2015 / Categories: #Self Checkout #RFID #News

New, sleek kiosk designs are configurable to process barcode and RFID in the same check-out session! Tech Logic's line of easily portable, modern designs come in three configurations: freestanding, desktop and wall mounted. Models feature a convenient shelf for holding books, purses, brief cases, and more.

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New Service Takes the Pain Out of Tagging Library Collections
By Tech Logic / July 14, 2015 / Categories: #RFID #Tagging

Tech Logic now offers a service to help libraries tag collections over time, branch by branch, or all at once. 

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Benefits of AMH, RFID and SCO
By Gretchen Freeman / June 25, 2015 / Categories: #Automated Materials Handling #RFID #Self Checkout

Implementing self-checkout in public libraries has definitely reached a tipping point — there’s no reason not to offer any of a number of options. Patrons appreciate the convenience (and privacy) of self-checkout and staff time is shifted from barcode scanning to check out lines of restless patrons. 

But libraries aren’t so sure whether the benefits of adding RFID or automated sorting systems outweigh the costs. I’m convinced that the benefits are substantial for all sizes of libraries—and not only in saving staff time for other priorities but in improvements to the patron experience.

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Tagging Your Collection
By Gretchen Freeman / June 25, 2015 / Categories: #RFID

Applying RFID tags to your collection doesn’t need to be an insurmountable task if you pair the right method with the right circumstances. Start by answering a few simple questions.

  • Can you close the library for tagging—either for a short “blitz” or until tagging is completed?
  • If you can’t close the library, will you use existing staff, temporary staff or volunteers to tag? Or have tagging provided as a professional service by Tech Logic?
  • Are you moving the collection into a new space or building?
  • Is there space behind the scenes to handle A/V materials away from the shelves or bins?

With every method, be sure that returned materials are tagged before they are re-shelved into tagged sections of the library.

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The Concept of an Automated Book Drop
By Gretchen Freeman / June 24, 2015 / Categories: #Automated Materials Handling #Ultrasort

The concept of an automated book drop with an embedded RFID tag reader was intro-duced in the early days, back when libraries started to use RFID technology. While the concept seemed compelling at first, the downsides of this approach soon became obvi-ous.

With this concept, patrons return materials into an automated book drop which, presum-ably, are checked in at the drop and then fall into one bin of materials.

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Tech Logic Presents People First Award to Enoch Pratt Free Library
By Tech Logic / June 12, 2015 / Categories: #People First #Community Outreach #Awards #Events

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and President of Tech Logic Corporation, Gary Kirk, presented Tech Logic’s first annual People First Award to Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Pennsylvania Avenue Branch in Baltimore at ALA San Francisco.

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Don Chadwick Joins Tech Logic as Senior Solutions Specialist for Southeastern U.S.
By Tech Logic / June 9, 2015 / Categories: #New Hires #News

Tech Logic is pleased to announce the addition of Don Chadwick as Senior Solutions Specialist for Southeastern U.S. Don Chadwick has over eight years of experience consulting with libraries across the U.S. “I felt compelled to join the Tech Logic team was because of its leadership and reputation within the library industry," he said.

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Tech Logic Launches New Website
By Tech Logic / May 5, 2015 / Categories: #New Products #RFID #News #Automated Materials Handling #Self Checkout

TL’s new website is being designed to enhance customer product knowledge, and as a vehicle to share education, keeping PEOPLE FIRST in mind.

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