Tech Logic Remembers Co-founder Mark Frich
By / October 24, 2017 / Categories: #News

Tech Logic Inc. announces with great sadness that co-founder Mark Frich, has died. He was 66 years old. The thoughts of Tech Logic's board, management and employees are with Mark's family.

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Tech Logic Welcomes Johnson, Degrandchamp to Represent Northern U.S. and Canada
By / October 24, 2017 / Categories: #New #New Hires

Tech Logic is pleased to announce the recent hire of Nicole Johnson and David Degrandchamp, who in October, joined the Tech Logic team as Senior Solutions Specialists for the Northeast U.S. and eastern Canadian territories, and North Central U.S. and central Canadian territories respectively.

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A Beautiful Deployment, A Beautiful Library, But Also a Beautiful Concept
By Steve Hanulec / August 24, 2017 / Categories: #Ultrasort #News

Salt Lake County Library has deployed a 7-bin Tech Logic UltraSort sorting system in its West Jordan branch. It features all the components that make UltraSort the top choice for a positive patron experience with fast “Throw and Go” induction and no confusing interface — but there’s another feature that we know drives higher patron use of the sorter that doesn’t always get implemented: placing it behind glass so patrons can see it work. MORE... 

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American Libraries Magazine Features ValueIT™
By Kate Rader / July 25, 2017 / Categories: #News #ValueIT

American Libraries featured ValueIT™ as a "new labor-saving service" in a July online article called "Save Staff Time," written by Carrie Smith. The story recognizes how important weeded and donated materials are to raising money for friends' groups, but that it typically takes tremendous manpower to sort and price items. It highlights the benefits of Tech Logic's ValueIT™ system — saving time and generating the most revenue by determining market value.

Smith provides an excellent summary of the ValueIT™ system's process: "After the system scans a book’s barcode, the software queries a copy of Amazon’s book pricing database—updated twice daily—to determine its value. Based on a library’s parameters, high-value books can be boxed and shipped to Amazon for sale online through an account owned by the library or Friends group, allowing for a quick return on the book. When materials are sold online, Amazon deducts all shipping, handling, and fees and deposits the proceeds directly into the library’s or Friends’ account."   MORE...

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Gary Kirk, President of Tech Logic Appointed to Board of United for Libraries
By / July 5, 2017 / Categories: #News

OAKDALE, MN (07/05/2017) Gary Kirk, President of Tech Logic a Minnesota-based manufacturer of automation systems, has been appointed to the board of United for Libraries, a Trustees and Friends advocacy group.

A division of the American Library Association, United for Libraries was the result of a 2009 merger between two advocacy groups: Friends of the Library USA and the Association for Library Trustees and Advocates. The combination of these advocacy groups promotes the development of strong Trustee and Friends of the Library groups along with providing education and tools to help facilitate a stronger advocacy voice for libraries across the U.S. The combined strength of fiscal development expertise and governing expertise allows for those who advocate for libraries to have deeper insights towards strengthening libraries in their communities.

Gary’s presence on the team will provide a unique vendor-based viewpoint that will help libraries and their advocates understand how to better implement modern workflow improvement systems as well as the means to best choose and acquire the right solutions. Having informed, subject matter-based Friends and Trustee transparent implementations will lead to better patron experiences, and higher library use.

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Tech Logic Promotes Steve Hanulec to Director of Marketing
By / July 5, 2017 / Categories: #News

OAKDALE, MN (July 1, 2017) Tech Logic, provider of sorting, self-service and RFID solutions to libraries has appointed Steve Hanulec as Director of Marketing. Steve will be charged with communicating the exceptional value of all of Tech Logic’s solutions, as well as the company’s persona, to the Library Market.

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Tech Logic Unveils New, Enhanced CircIT™ FLEX Interface for Self-checkout at ALA Chicago
By admin / June 23, 2017 / Categories: #self checkout

Tech Logic, inventors of Automated Materials Handling for libraries, and a leading provider of both RFID and barcode-based self-checkout, announced today the release of a new, enhanced CircIT™ FLEX self-checkout user interface design. The new CircIT™ FLEX interface is available to all new and existing customer libraries on their hardware choice of standalone touchscreen kiosk, desktop kiosk, patented staff-monitored "Combo" station, and even as software for library-supplied hardware.

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RFID Tagging over Time
By Gretchen Freeman, Principal Librarian/Strategist / March 29, 2017 / Categories: #AMH #RFID #Tagging

For most libraries, the biggest hurdle to implementing RFID is the daunting task of tagging the entire collection. Some fortunate libraries can afford to outsource tagging; some libraries can close branches or an entire system to tag with existing staff. But many libraries are faced with finding an affordable long-term strategy for tagging over time. What are some of the considerations?

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Tips from our Customers - NCOA Patron Database Scrub
By Colleen Medling, Automated Systems Manager, Salt Lake County Library Services / March 29, 2017 / Categories: #Self Checkout

Self-checkout delivers its best results when patrons encounter the fewest blocks or interruptions to their checkout sessions. One patron block widely used by public libraries is an “address check” to verify that a patron’s resident status based on home address is still current. Patrons changing a home address may no longer qualify for resident library services without paying a non-resident fee. The address check block is typically set to occur at a regular interval, requiring the patron to re-verify resident status. Salt Lake County Library has eliminated the need to verify home address in person by using the “National Change of Address” or NCOA database owned and maintained by the U.S. Postal Service.

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Tips from our Customers: Overcoming a Network Outage
By Gretchen Freeman, Principal Librarian/Strategist / March 29, 2017 / Categories: #AMH #Library Technology #Troubleshooting #Network

Frisco Public Library in Frisco, TX, recently experienced a total network and Internet connectivity outage—both wired and wireless network access were down. As with many of our customers, Frisco Public library relies on its Tech Logic UltraSort AMH to check in and sort all returned materials. When network connectivity failed, the AMH could no longer communicate with the library’s ILS server to remove materials from patron records. Not only did staff have to check in materials manually, but patron services suffered as a result. 

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Tech Logic Introduces FLEX Desktop
By / February 23, 2017 / Categories: #FLEX #Self Checkout #desktop #rfid

In 2015, Tech Logic introduced the CircIT Flex, a free standing self-checkout system for library materials. The product, using Tech Logic’s patented CircIT software, allows for patrons to check out items on their own, allowing library staff more time to accomplish more pressing issues. In 2017, Tech Logic introduced the newest member of the Flex family, the Flex Desktop...

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Tech Logic Celebrates 20th Anniversary
By / February 17, 2017 / Categories: #press release #amh #ala
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Tech Logic Integrates EM Self-Checkout at the El Paso Public Library
By / April 28, 2016 / Categories: #News #Self Checkout

Tech Logic’s newest installation gave El Paso Public Library a boost — enhancing their ability to serve patrons with powerful CircIT™ powered self-checkout.

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Sarasota County Library Chooses Tech Logic
By / April 19, 2016 / Categories: #News #RFID #AMH #Self Checkout

Tech Logic is proud to announce its partnership with The Gulf Gate Public Library in Sarasota, FL.

This NEW Library features improved amenities such as an enhanced meeting/ study/ conference spaces and a large teen area. Other features include reading gardens, a tech lab with an increased public computer area and a children's story time room.

Technology provided by Tech Logic includes a drive-through for book and media returns, automated sorting, RFID and self-checkout solutions.

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Libraries: 10 Ways to Improve Shelf Management Results
By Gretchen Freeman / March 25, 2016 / Categories: #Shelf management

[Part of a series of posts encouraging libraries to “Expect More” from their technologies and to squeeze all the value they deserve from every technology they implement.]

All too often, public libraries are caught up in thinking that they “should” be doing inventory of their collection but simply can’t afford the time and effort it requires. Let it go! If the goal is to improve your catalog’s accuracy and relieve the frustration of shelf searches for missing items, shift the paradigm instead to shelf management. Shelf management relies on frequent scanning of the collection with a handheld RFID wand wirelessly connected in real time to the ILS (note: the method requires RFID tags in all materials). A single pass of the shelves flags any exception statuses (trace, lost, missing, claimed returned, still checked out, in transit, etc.) while improving the accuracy of your online catalog.

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Self-Checkout—3 Different Options for Different Reasons
By Gretchen Freemen / March 25, 2016 / Categories: #Self Checkout

When libraries decide to deploy self-checkout stations, they don’t always consider combining the options available to create the best patron experience—and highest use. Here are a few considerations to help you determine the best option for your library when choosing staff-monitored, kiosk, or desktop self-checkout for your library.

What blocks will your library use to limit or restrict checkout to patrons?
Is there a maximum fine before checkout is blocked (typically $10)? Are there maximum item limits or item type limits? Can patrons pick up holds for someone else (depends on the ILS)? Think through how the patron at self-checkout will navigate through each block scenario. Offering payment on a kiosk, such as the Tech Logic Flex, will eliminate one of those blocks from interrupting self-checkout.

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Top Ten Favorite Books from 2016 "Black Is" Book List Compiled by Boston Public Library
By Shared from Boston Public Library / February 11, 2016 / Categories:

In honor of Black History month, Boston Public Library publishes an annual “Black Is” book list, an aggregation of recent works by and about African Americans for adult readers.

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Libraries: 10 Ways To Improve AMH Results
By Gretchen Freeman / February 5, 2016 / Categories: #Automated Materials Handling #AMH

Is your Automated Materials Handling system embraced as a valued staff member— one that “doesn’t take breaks or call in sick” — or is it given a wide berth as a temperamental tyrant? The success of an AMH begins with thoughtful design of the system and extends through process re-engineering. Without these two critical considerations, libraries will waste money on an AMH that patrons won’t use with deficiencies that frustrate the staff.

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Libraries: 10 Ways To Improve Self-Checkout Results
By Gretchen Freeman / February 5, 2016 / Categories: #Self Checkout

Certainly self-checkout is no longer a new technology for most libraries — in fact, libraries were on the leading edge of training patrons for self-services in society at large (think grocery stores and airports). But having implemented self-checkout, libraries tend to become complacent about its ongoing return on investment. How can we increase adoption of self-checkout above 90% and what happens when we do? Here are ten suggestions to improve the results of self-checkout.

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Tech Logic Supports The Collaboratory
By Tech Logic / September 10, 2015 / Categories: #News #Library Education #Community Outreach

Tech Logic is proud to support Dr. David Lankes, PhD, author, scholar and speaker, as he expands the scope of his programming for libraries into a comprehensive and expanding set of community building resources through The Collaboratory.

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