Oak Park Library Upgrades Sorter
By / January 16, 2018 / Categories: #News #AMH

This video gives insights as to the process Oak Park Library used to determine that replacing an older pneumatic Tech Logic sorter with a new electric Tech Logic sorter was the most responsible decision the library could make.

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By / November 30, 2017 / Categories: #AMH #News #Library Openings

December 2, 2017 — In partnership with Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, Tech Logic completed the installation of a seven-bin Automated Materials Handling system ahead of schedule at the new Madison Public Library. The library selected a Tech Logic UltraSort™ Automated Materials Handling system featuring both internal and external drive-up "throw and go" book drops and ergonomic SmartBins™. Customizations included a small, 7-degree turn to the internal drop, to accommodate an angled wall. A subtle but elegant job of trimming and positioning purpose-built steel fit the planned space perfectly...

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Sarasota County Opens New Shannon Staub Public/Academic Library with Tech Logic AMH and RFID Workflow Tools
By / November 29, 2017 / Categories: #News #RFID #SCO #Library Openings #AMH

In partnership with Sarasota County Public Library, Tech Logic completed the installation of a nine-bin Automated Materials Handling system at the new Shannon Staub Public Library located on the campus of Suncoast Technical College in North Port, Fl. The library selected a Tech Logic UltraSort™ AMH featuring both internal and external drive-up "throw and go" book drops, ergonomic SmartBins™, and built-in fire suppression as well as a complete suite of RFID workflow tools and CircIT™ self-checkout stations... 

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Sarasota Fl Grand Opening
By / November 27, 2017 / Categories: #News #AMH #SCO #RFID #Library Openings

Sarabeth Kalajian, the insightful and erudite Director of the Sarasota County Library System discusses planning and collaboration when implementing Tech Logic Automated Materials Handling, self-check and RFID - the most responsible choice a library can make. Tech Logic - Built By Librarians.

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A Beautiful Deployment, A Beautiful Library, But Also a Beautiful Concept
By Steve Hanulec / August 24, 2017 / Categories: #News #AMH #Library Openings #RFID

Salt Lake County Library has deployed a 7-bin Tech Logic UltraSort sorting system in its West Jordan branch. It features all the components that make UltraSort the top choice for a positive patron experience with fast “Throw and Go” induction and no confusing interface — but there’s another feature that we know drives higher patron use of the sorter that doesn’t always get implemented: placing it behind glass so patrons can see it work. MORE... 

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RFID Tagging over Time
By Gretchen Freeman, Principal Librarian/Strategist / March 29, 2017 / Categories: #AMH #RFID #SCO

For most libraries, the biggest hurdle to implementing RFID is the daunting task of tagging the entire collection. Some fortunate libraries can afford to outsource tagging; some libraries can close branches or an entire system to tag with existing staff. But many libraries are faced with finding an affordable long-term strategy for tagging over time. What are some of the considerations?

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Tips from our Customers: Overcoming a Network Outage
By Gretchen Freeman, Principal Librarian/Strategist / March 29, 2017 / Categories: #AMH

Frisco Public Library in Frisco, TX, recently experienced a total network and Internet connectivity outage—both wired and wireless network access were down. As with many of our customers, Frisco Public library relies on its Tech Logic UltraSort AMH to check in and sort all returned materials. When network connectivity failed, the AMH could no longer communicate with the library’s ILS server to remove materials from patron records. Not only did staff have to check in materials manually, but patron services suffered as a result. 

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Sarasota County Library Chooses Tech Logic
By / April 19, 2016 / Categories: #News #RFID #AMH #SCO #Library Openings

Tech Logic is proud to announce its partnership with The Gulf Gate Public Library in Sarasota, FL.

This NEW Library features improved amenities such as an enhanced meeting/ study/ conference spaces and a large teen area. Other features include reading gardens, a tech lab with an increased public computer area and a children's story time room.

Technology provided by Tech Logic includes a drive-through for book and media returns, automated sorting, RFID and self-checkout solutions.

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Libraries: 10 Ways to Improve Shelf Management Results
By Gretchen Freeman / March 25, 2016 / Categories: #RFID #AMH

[Part of a series of posts encouraging libraries to “Expect More” from their technologies and to squeeze all the value they deserve from every technology they implement.]

All too often, public libraries are caught up in thinking that they “should” be doing inventory of their collection but simply can’t afford the time and effort it requires. Let it go! If the goal is to improve your catalog’s accuracy and relieve the frustration of shelf searches for missing items, shift the paradigm instead to shelf management. Shelf management relies on frequent scanning of the collection with a handheld RFID wand wirelessly connected in real time to the ILS (note: the method requires RFID tags in all materials). A single pass of the shelves flags any exception statuses (trace, lost, missing, claimed returned, still checked out, in transit, etc.) while improving the accuracy of your online catalog.

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Libraries: 10 Ways To Improve AMH Results
By Gretchen Freeman / February 5, 2016 / Categories: #AMH

Is your Automated Materials Handling system embraced as a valued staff member— one that “doesn’t take breaks or call in sick” — or is it given a wide berth as a temperamental tyrant? The success of an AMH begins with thoughtful design of the system and extends through process re-engineering. Without these two critical considerations, libraries will waste money on an AMH that patrons won’t use with deficiencies that frustrate the staff.

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Benefits of AMH, RFID and SCO
By Gretchen Freeman / June 25, 2015 / Categories: #RFID #AMH #SCO

Implementing self-checkout in public libraries has definitely reached a tipping point — there’s no reason not to offer any of a number of options. Patrons appreciate the convenience (and privacy) of self-checkout and staff time is shifted from barcode scanning to check out lines of restless patrons. 

But libraries aren’t so sure whether the benefits of adding RFID or automated sorting systems outweigh the costs. I’m convinced that the benefits are substantial for all sizes of libraries—and not only in saving staff time for other priorities but in improvements to the patron experience.

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The Concept of an Automated Book Drop
By Gretchen Freeman / June 24, 2015 / Categories: #AMH

The concept of an automated book drop with an embedded RFID tag reader was intro-duced in the early days, back when libraries started to use RFID technology. While the concept seemed compelling at first, the downsides of this approach soon became obvi-ous.

With this concept, patrons return materials into an automated book drop which, presumably, are checked in at the drop and then fall into one bin of materials.

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Tech Logic Introduces CircIT Kiosk
By Tech Logic / January 28, 2015 / Categories: #News #SCO #AMH #RFID


(November 14th, 2014)

Tech Logic Corporation has released its latest innovation, the CircIT Kiosk.

The cleverly designed Self-Checkout Kiosks are Tech Logic’s reliable problem solvers, helping patrons resolve potential issues through the self-checkout process.

Kiosk comes with a number of option sets and is highly customizable; barcode, RFID, printer, credit card payment, etc.

In addition, choose one of our stock vinyl-wrapped exterior designs, or custom-design your own to match your library’s decór.

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Halifax Central Library – Grand Opening
By Tech Logic / December 13, 2014 / Categories: #News #AMH #Library Openings

(December 13, 2014) – Halifax officially opened the doors today to their new central library, A 129,000-square-foot facility that offers a larger collection of books, DVD’s and e-books, additional meeting space and study rooms, a 300-seat auditorium, and technology including a Tech Logic 15-Bin automated material handling system with interior and exterior bookdrops, ceiling and vertical conveyance.

Welcome to the Tech Logic family!

See photos of the grand opening here:

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Florida Library Selects TLC, Tech Logic Automation
By Tech Logic / October 14, 2014 / Categories: #News #AMH

INWOOD, W.Va. (Oct. 14, 2014) — West Florida Public Library System is getting a major performance boost by implementing automation and material handling solutions from The Library Corporation and Tech Logic. The Pensacola-based library is upgrading to TLC’s Library Solution integrated library system and adding an UltraSort NXT automated material handling system from Tech Logic.

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