A Beautiful Deployment, A Beautiful Library, But Also a Beautiful Concept
By Steve Hanulec / August 24, 2017 / Categories: #Ultrasort #News

Salt Lake County Library has deployed a 7-bin Tech Logic UltraSort sorting system in its West Jordan branch. It features all the components that make UltraSort the top choice for a positive patron experience with fast “Throw and Go” induction and no confusing interface — but there’s another feature that we know drives higher patron use of the sorter that doesn’t always get implemented: placing it behind glass so patrons can see it work. MORE... 

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The Concept of an Automated Book Drop
By Gretchen Freeman / June 24, 2015 / Categories: #Automated Materials Handling #Ultrasort

The concept of an automated book drop with an embedded RFID tag reader was intro-duced in the early days, back when libraries started to use RFID technology. While the concept seemed compelling at first, the downsides of this approach soon became obvi-ous.

With this concept, patrons return materials into an automated book drop which, presum-ably, are checked in at the drop and then fall into one bin of materials.

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